Rural Initiatives for STEM Education seeks to develop connections among students, teachers, schools, higher education, businesses and industries to develop a STEM workforce for Florida’s rural regions.

The purpose of NEFEC’s STEM initiatives are to provide teachers and students in small rural districts with an opportunity to participate in unique and innovative rigorous learning experiences related to content in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The initiatives place an emphasis on inquiry activities that are centered on Florida’s Standards and promote 21st Century Learning Skills.


The NEFEC STEM Expo features student projects and presentation that focuses on STEM careers, educational pathways, and college programs of study. In addition, students and teacher have the opportunity to discuss STEM careers, STEM programs of study, and campus-based STEM opportunities with post-secondary partners and STEM business representatives.

Supporting Schools

Support for
21st Century Learners

We provide professional learning in content and pedagogy for teachers, leadership support for administrators, career support for guidance counselors, and opportunities for students.

Partnering for Success

We are Better

We connect STEM business partners, STEM College partners and Legislators with STEM Educators so that we can work together to improve STEM Education for our students.