Areas of Focus

Area 1: Demonstrate systematic evaluation and improvement of consortium services to member districts

  1. Incorporate strategic support for districts to systemically address their visions, missions, values, and goals.
  2. Assess NEFEC contributions to ROI through cost-benefit analyses and communicate to appropriate stakeholders.
  3. Implement improved internal processes and procedures that relate to fiscal sustainability and district supports.

Area 2: Improve student achievement for ALL learners

  1. Increase fidelity of the implementation of Florida Standards.
  2. Provide teachers and leaders with high quality professional learning and support.
  3. Use and facilitate data processes for the purpose of instructional decision making, goal setting, and academic monitoring.

Area 3: Expand access to and effective use of technology

  1. Expand capacity of districts to support/provide ready access to current and innovative technology.
  2. Assist districts with data quality, analytics, and applications.

Area 4: Support districts’ efforts to ensure a safe learning environment

  1. Facilitate district collaboration related to the identification, intervention, and support of student mental health and access to community and school-based resources.
  2. Increase district capacity to effectively and appropriately monitor, document, and respond to mental health needs.
  3. Facilitate district collaboration related to campus vulnerabilities, school hardening, monitoring technology, and mitigation of risks.