The ITP Team is available to assist your district in areas such as:
Technical Support:
• Additional manpower for provisioning 1:1 technologies
• Troubleshooting of existing technology
• Upgrades and new installs
• Assist with network design and installation

Infrastructure Consultation:
• Overall network analysis, and advice on popular network practices
• Server administration techniques and best practices
• Security analysis including spyware, antivirus, and breach potential

Technology Research:
• Disseminate information concerning successful and unsuccessful uses of technology
• Provide technical information on: networking, grant writing, technology planning, and technology trends

Technology ln-Service Training:
• Customized Workshops
• Full or Half Day Trainings
• We can train your techs while working alongside them.

REMEMBER: The ITP is not just about a tech visiting your site one day per week. Subscribing to ITP gives you access to all of NEFEC’s IT resources 5 days per week.
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