By selecting MyDistrict Virtual School, you are supporting your school district and allowing your district to continue to grow its virtual instruction program. Students benefit by remaining a district student and able to participate in district programs and activities.

NEFEC provides virtual instruction program support as a service to its participating small school districts. In most instances:

Students are enrolled across district lines to form courses
NEFEC selects the teacher
NEFEC guides and helps administer the program
The school district oversees the students and administers state/district testing
Each K-12 student in the MyDistrict Virtual School is considered enrolled in the school district of their residence and has access to all of the educational opportunities and resources they would as if they were attending a traditional classroom at a school in their district. Virtual students have day-to-day flexibility while following a traditional school calendar. Students are expected to actively work in courses each week and complete courses within semester timelines.