The NEFEC risk management program provides a subset of member school districts participating in the North East Florida Educational Consortium, and includes Hernando County School District and Florida Virtual School that have joined together to develop and implement a cooperative system of risk management under one comprehensive plan.

Savings under a Risk Management Program will vary depending on the size of a school district and the member districts' success in managing their risk and exposure to loss.

Participating districts maintain control of money paid into the program and the interest that accrues.

Participating districts will have access to someone trained in this program working full time in the area of loss prevention and identification of risk exposures.

The program allows for an increased awareness of and responsibility for safe conditions. The benefits are for continued well-being and safety of the consortium, the protection of property and the cost of the program to each district. To assist in optimum safety conditions, the NEFEC provides loss prevention management on a regular basis.

The Consortium has contracted for the services of an Administrative Service Organization to perform duties, in coordination with the North East Florida Educational Consortium and the designated Risk Manager.