ApplePersonal LaserWriter LS

Language: QuickDraw (Full-page Bitmap)

Speed: 4ppm

Memory: 512K standard1MB maximum

Graphics: 300 dpi

Autorotate: N/A

Duplex: Not Available

RET: Not Available


Apple Personal LaserWriter LS Fonts

Internal Fonts

The Personal LaserWriter LS uses Bitmap (or TrueType) fonts. The Macintosh sends a Bitmap of each page through the serial connection to the printer. A Bitmap is a dot-by-dot "guide" to each letter or image on the page. It is created in QuickDraw, the Macintosh's internal language.

The following TrueType fonts are shipped with the Personal LaserWriter LS:

Typeface Size Variation Symbol Set
Times Scalable Roman, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic Adobe PS
Courier Scalable Plain, Bold, Oblique, Bold Oblique Adobe PS
Symbol Scalable Plain Symbol
Helvetica Scalable Plain, Bold, Oblique, Bold Oblique Adobe PS

Apple Personal LaserWriter LS Paper Handling

Unprintable Region


Left: .25 in. Top: .25 in.

Right: .25 in. Bottom: .25 in.


Left: .5 in. Top: .5 in.

Right: .5 in. Bottom: .5 in.

Note: Actual imageable area may vary depending on the application program and/or printer driver.

Continuous and Manual Feeding with the Multipurpose Tray

Standard Tray: 50-sheet Multipurpose Tray

Optional Trays: Optional cassette base and optional paper cassette

Using the multipurpose tray

As its name suggests, the multipurpose tray has more than one purpose:

Automatic printing

Manual feed printing

Two-sided printing

Opening and adjusting the multipurpose tray.

You always open the multipurpose tray in the same way. How you adjust the tray depends on the kind of paper or envelope you use.

Adjust the multipurpose tray to suit your needs. (Your paper should rest on the tray without sticking out over the edge.)

Automatic Printing

The multipurpose tray is useful for all your printing jobs. For most of your day-to-day printing, you'll probably keep a small stack of paper on the multipurpose tray and let the LaserWriter feed the paper automatically.

Important: When you print envelopes, you need to use the face-up delivery tray to receive the printed results.

Manual Feed Printing

When you want to print on special materials, including sheets of labels or transparencies, use the multipurpose tray and feed them by hand, one at a time.

Important: When you print envelopes, labels, or overhead transparencies, use the face-up delivery tray. (This helps avoid paper jams and curling.)

Two-sided Printing

To print two-sided documents, use the multipurpose tray.

1. Print the first side of the page.

2. Place the printed page in the multipurpose tray, printed side up, with the top of the page toward the printer.

3. Print the second side of the page.

Apple Personal LaserWriter LS Messages

The lights indicate a problem

The Ready/In Use light flashes while printing. Otherwise it glows green steadily (unless there is a paper problem).

The Paper Out light glows steadily when there's no paper in the specified tray or cassette.

The Paper Jam light glows steadily when there is a paper jam and continues to glow until the jam is cleared.

Apple Personal LaserWriter LS Interfaces

The serial connection is located directly in the center of the base on the back side.


Availability: Standard

Connection: Apple Style RS-422 asynchronous serial, 57.6K baud

Activation: Default