Apple StyleWriter II

Language: QuickDraw (Full-page Bitmap)

Speed: Best 1.5ppm, Normal 2ppm, Draft 3ppm

Memory: None

Graphics: 360, 180 dpi

Autorotate: N/A

Duplex: Not Available

RET: Not Available


Apple StyleWriter II Fonts

Internal Fonts

The StyleWriter II uses Bitmap (or TrueType) fonts. The Macintosh sends a Bitmap of each page through the serial connection to the printer. A Bitmap is a dot-by-dot "guide" to each letter or image on the page. It is created in QuickDraw, the Macintosh's internal language.

The following 13 TrueType fonts are shipped with the StyleWriter II:





Symbol Set




Any variation the software supports


Adobe PS



Any variation the software supports


Adobe PS



Any variation the software supports


Adobe PS



Any variation the software supports



Apple StyleWriter II Paper Handling

Unprintable Region


Left: .25 in. Top: .25 in.

Right: .25 in. Bottom: .25 in.


Left: .25 in. Top: .25 in.

Right: .25 in. Bottom: .25 in.

Note: Actual imageable area may vary depending on the application program and/or printer driver.

Continuous Feeding

Standard Tray: Automatic 50-sheet paper feeder

Optional Trays: There are no optional trays available for the StyleWriter II

Manual Feeding

The StyleWriter II uses the sheet feeder for manually feeding envelopes and other media.

Envelopes, transparencies, labels, and heavy paper

1. Open the front access door.

2. Remove all paper from the printer tray and move the paper guide out to accommodate the envelope's width. On the back of the printer, move the paper selector lever to the envelope icon.

3. Close the front access door.

4. Choose the Print from the File menu of your application. The Print dialog box appears.

5. In the Print dialog box, select your settings (Print Quality, Color or Black & White, and so forth). Choose the Print button.

6. The following message appears:

The StyleWriter is out of paper. Please add paper, then choose Continue.

Place the envelope in the guide tray making sure to push it in firmly (so that it is only partially visible).

NOTE: Feed the envelope face up, with the flap against the back of the paper guide and with the top of the envelope feeding into the printer first.

7. Choose the Continue button.

The envelope will now print.

Apple StyleWriter II Messages

The Status Lights indicate a problem

Sometimes the status lights can signal a problem with the printer. The following list describes these indications and tells you what you should do about them:

· Both lights are off. Check to make sure the power cord is plugged in properly and the printer is turned on. Make sure there is power to the outlet. If the light stays off, see the information about service and support that came with your printer.

· The error light glows steadily. Either the printer is out of paper or paper has been misfed. Check your Macintosh screen for messages. See the "Paper is Jammed" and "Paper Feeds Improperly" sections.

Apple StyleWriter II Interfaces

The serial connection is located directly in the center of the base on the back side.

Availability: Standard

Connection: High-speed Serial; Apple System/Peripheral-8 cable

Activation: Default