Epson FX-80

Language: ESC/P

Technology: 9-pin dot-matrix monochrome

Speed: 160 characters per second

Graphics: 240 DPI


Epson FX-80 Fonts

The printer has one font: Courier available in 10 cpi, 12 cpi, 16.67 cpi, 20 cpi, expanded, bold, proportional, and italic.

Epson FX-80 Paper Handling

Standard: built-in tractor for standard 9.5 x 11 (8.5 without perforations), friction feed

Optional: Tractor feed adjustable to smaller tractor sizes.

Loading standard tractor paper

The pin-feed mechanism on the FX-80 is a built-in tractor unit. The pin feeder accepts the most common type of fanfold paper, 9.5 x 11 inch paper with removable tractor holes. Proper adjustment of the pin feeder is important for smooth paper flow, and the release latches allow you to make slight adjustments in pin feeding.

Note that for standard adjustments the arrows on the levers can be lined up with the notches in the silver cover. Set both arrows to 9.5 position.

After adjusting the pin feeder, pull the paper release lever toward the front of the printer and (always with the printer turned off) push the printhead to a center position. These two actions are important, since they allow the paper to feed through easily. This puts the pin feeders in charge of getting the paper through.

Set a stack of paper on a flat surface directly behind or under the printer. With the paper bail up, run the top sheet under the plastic guide and under the paper roller. Then use the manual-feed knob to run the paper through the rest of the way. The paper should flow over the plastic guide to form a second stack.

The optional tractor feeder

If you plan to use either 8.5 inch paper with permanent pin-feed holes or small labels with holes, you'll need to purchase a tractor-feed unit to accomodate the narrower paper.

To install, insert hook A into stud A, and rotate the unti toward the front fo the printer (pressing down firmly) until it locks into place. Make sure that the gears are on the right side of the printer (the side with the buttons). You don't need to work any levers to insert the unit, but you may need to adjust the pin feeders if they are in the way of the tractor unit.

To adjust the width of the tractor feeders, simply release the tractor's locking levers on each side so that the units move freely. Now adjust the units to match the size of your paper or labels. Lock the units back into place. Pull the paper release lever toward the front of the printer.

To remove the tractor unit, use the pair of tractor-release levers. Press both levers forward and rock the unit up and back toward the rear of the printer. The entire tractor unit should come off easily - you should not have to pull or tug on the unti to remove it.

The friction feeder

If you are using single sheets or roll paper, you'll need to remove the tractor unit and use the friction-feed mechanism.

Simply adjust the pin-feed untis so that they are out of the way (as far apart as possible). Pull the paper bail toward the front of the printer, and then push the paper-release lever toward the rear of the printer to engage the friction feed. Use the manual feed knob t feed the paper through (as you would feed paper through a typewriter). And, finally, lower the paper bail onto the paper to hold it in place.

Epson FX-80 Settings

Bank 2 is on the left and bank 1 is on the right.

Bank 1 settings:

Switch Purpose Position Setting  
1-8 International Character See table below    
1-7 International Character See table below    
1-6 International Character See table below    
1-5 Print Mode ON Emphasized
    OFF Normal
1-4 RAM memory usage ON 2K buffer
    OFF User-defined characters
1-3 Paper Out Sensor ON Inactive
    OFF Active
1-2 Zero Character ON Slashed
    OFF Unslashed
1-1 Compressed Mode ON Compressed
1-6 1-7 1-8 International Character Set  
ON ON OFF France
ON OFF ON Germany
ON OFF OFF England
OFF ON ON Denmark

Bank 2 Settings

Switch Purpose Position Setting  
2-4 Automatic Line Feed ON CR + LF
    OFF CR Only
2-3 Skip over perforation ON Enabled
    OFF Disabled
2-2 Bell ON Enabled
    OFF Disabled
2-1 Printer Select ON Enabled
    OFF Disabled

Epson FX-80 Interfaces

Availability: Standard
Connection: Centronics