OkidataOkiLaser 400

Language: PCL Level 4

Speed: 4 PPM

Memory: 640KB, exp. to 2MB

Graphics: 300 dpi

Autorotate: Not Available

Duplex: Not Available

RET: Not Available


Okidata OkiLaser 400 Fonts

Internal Fonts


Typeface Point Pitch Style Weight Symbol Set Landscape

Courier (C) 12 10 Upright Medium All* P & L

Courier (A/C/L) 12 10 Upright Bold All* P & L

Courier (C/L) 12 10 Italic Medium All* P & L

Courier (A) 12 10 Italic Light All* P

LinePrinter (C/L) 8.5 16.66 Upright Medium All* P & L

LinePrinter (A) 8.5 16.66 Upright Light All* L

Helv (B/F) 14.4 Prop. Upright Bold All* P

Tms Roman (B/F) 10 Prop. Upright Medium All* P

Tms Roman (B/F) 10 Prop. Upright Bold All* P

Tms Roman (B/F) 10 Prop. Italic Medium All* P

Tms Roman 10 P. Comp. Upright Medium US ASCII P

Tms Roman 10 P. Comp. Upright Bold US ASCII P

Tms Roman 10 P. Comp. Italic Medium US ASCII P

Tms Roman (B/F) 8 Prop. Upright Medium All* P

Tms Roman 8 Prop. Upright Light US ASCII P

Tms Roman 8 P. Comp. Upright Medium US ASCII P

* All symbols sets refer to the 39 resident symbols sets: Chinese, Danish PC Set2, Danish PC Ext., Danish/Norwegian, IBM Danish/Norwegian, Dutch, French, HP French, German, HP German, Italian, Latin 1, Norwegian v2, Portuguese, IBM Portuguese, Spanish, HP Spanish, IBM Spanish, Swedish, Swedish 1, Swedish 2, Swedish 3, Swedish/Finnish, United Kingdom, Code Page 437, Code Page 850, Code Page 860, Code Page 863, Code Page 865, IBM US, IRV, JIS ASCII, HP Legal, HP PC Set 1, HP PC Set 2, HP PC Ext., Roman-8, Roman Ext., US ASCII

* Sub Set refers to Roman-8, Latin 1, IBM US and IBM Danish/Norwegian

Letters in ( ) after fonts indicate HP font cartridge compatibility.

Optional Fonts - HP LaserJet Series II Emulation Mode

Cartridge Fonts

Okidata OkiLaser 400 Paper Handling

Unprintable Regions

Left: 60 dots (0.2")

Right: 90 dots (0.3")

Top: 75 dots (0.25")

Bottom: 66 dots (0.22")

Continuous Feeding

Standard Tray: Letter 200 sheets

Optional Trays: Optional Legal, Executive, Envelope

Manual Feeding

1. Set your software's printing feed options to "Manual" or set the PAPER FEED item on your printer menu to MANUAL FEED.

2. Set the paper guides on the paper tray cover to the width of the sheet or envelope. The guides should not bind the sheet.

3. Insert the sheet or envelope into the feed rollers.

4. Send your document to the printer as you normally would.

5. You will see the message LETTER PAPER (or whatever paper size you've specified through your software) MANUAL REQUEST. Press the FORM FEED button. The first page will feed and print.

6. You'll see the LETTER PAPER MANUAL REQUEST message for each subsequent page. Simply insert a new page and press FORM FEED.

7. When you're finished, reset the printer menu for PAPER FEED TRAY if necessary.

Okidata OkiLaser 400 Messages

Message Meaning /Resolution  
ON-LINE The printer is ready to receive data.  
OFF-LINE The printer is off-line.  
DATA PRESENT The printer is receiving data  
WARMING UP The printer is warming up.  
PAPER FEED JAM n There is a paper jam in tray n.  
PAPER OUT TRAY N Paper tray n is out of paper.  
[paper size] MANUAL REQUEST Manually feed a piece of [paper size] paper.  
[paper size] TRAY n REQUEST Insert the [paper size] paper tray.  
ERROR RECEIVEBUFFER OVERFLOW The printers buffer has overflowed. Check the settings on computer and printer to assure proper flow control.  
ERROR DLLBUFFER OVERFLOW The downloadable font required too much memory.  
ERROR MACROBUFFER OVERFLOW The macro required too much memory  
ERROR PRINTOVER RUN The page was too complex.  
LOWER CARDNOT FOUND The requested font card was not found.  
UPPER CARDNOT FOUND The requested font card was not found.  
ERROR CARDREMOVED ON-LINE The font card was removed while the printer was on-line. Turn the printer off, re-insert the card, and then turn the printer back on.  
ERROR CARD CHECK The printer cannot read the font card. Try reseating the card.  
MENU RESET The printer is resetting the menu options.  
RESET The printer is resetting.  
COVER OPEN The cover is open. Close the cover to continue.  
PRINT MENU The menu settings are being printed.  
CHANGE DRUM The drum unit must be replaced.  
PRINT FONTS A font test is being printed.  
CONTINUOUS PRINT A continuous print test is being printed.  
LOOP TEST The serial port loop test is active.  
ERROR LOOP TEST There was an error in the loop test.  
DEMO PAGE PRINT The demo page is being printed.  
All other errors The printer requires service.  

Okidata OkiLaser 400 Interfaces


Availability: Standard

Connection: Centronics

Activation: Automatic


Availability: Optional(replaces parallel port)

Connection: DB-25

Activation: Automatic