OkidataMicroline 84

Language: Okidata standard

Technology: monochrome 9-pin dot-matrix

Speed: 200cps draft, 50 cps NLQ

Graphics: 240 dpi


Okidata Microline 84 Fonts

Internal font available in Draft and Correspondence qualities, 10 cpi, 12 cpi, 17 cpi, emphasized and expanded.

Okidata Microline 84 Paper Handling

Tractor Feeding

Single sheet paper cannot be used when the tractor assembly is in place.

  1. Turn the printer's paper lock release lever to the front (open) position.
  2. Hold the tractor side plates on the right and left of the tractor unit with both hands, and engage the cutouts in the tractor side plates with the bar shaft of the printer. (A)
  3. Pivot the tractor assembly towards you until the clamp lever snaps into place on the platen bearing. (B)
  4. Paper should be fed behind column indicator bar.
  5. Adjust for paper width by pulling lock lever towards you and sliding tractor sideways. Push lever back to lock in place.

NOTE: Do not move left tractor beyond 2" to the right. The paper out switch function could be affected.

When using the tractor feed, disengage the paper lock release lever (A) by shifting it toward the front of the printer. This lever should be pushed towards the rear of printer only when friction feed is desired for single sheet feed.

Paper Adjustment

Optional Cut Sheet Feeder

The cut sheet feeder makes it easy to print on standard paper and letterhead stationery. Paper handling is controlled automatically by the cut sheet feeder, so you can print long documents without stopping to insert a new page.

Paper Loading

  1. Set the paper set lever of the cut sheet feeder to the RESET position.
  2. Slide the left paper guide to the left end. (The paper guide can be moved by loosening the paper guide fastening screw, and can be fastened by tightening the screw.) With this paper guide position, the first printing character is printed 0.5 inch inside the paper left end.
  3. Set the right paper guide roughly to the paper right end.
  4. Riffle a batch of new papers, place them between the left and right paper guides, and push them slightly to the left and front.
  5. Adjust the right paper guide position so that there is a gap of 1/64" to 1/32" between the guide and the paper right end, and fasten the guide with the fastening screw.
  6. Set the paper set lever to the SET position. Do not release and withdraw your hand until the set lever is firmly engaged in the SET position.

NOTE: Precautions for paper installation:

  1. The cut sheet feeder can hold a 5/8" stack of paper (about 200 sheets) at one time. If paper is set exceeding 5/8", this may cause paper jam or paper feed error.
  2. Only one-part paper can be used; no multiple-part paper can be used.
  3. Do not use wrinkled, folded or bent paper.
  4. Do not use paper of differing sizes.
  5. Prior to setting a batch of new papers, riffle them well so that the sheets are separated from one another.

Paper Positioning

  1. Set the cut sheet feeder in select state (SEL lamp lit) and press the INSERT button to feed a sheet to the front of the platen.
  2. Position the paper at the desired printing start line using the FWD FEED and REV FEED buttons.
    FWD FEED button moves the paper up 1/144th inch when you press it. Hold the button down for continuous feeding.
    REV FEED button moves the paper down 1/144th inch when you press it. When the button is held down, the paper moves in 1/3-inch increments. Be sure to allow at least a 1-inch margin at the top of the paper.
  3. Make sure the printer is deselected (SEL light out) and press the TOF SET button. This will set Top of Form at the current paper position when the printer is selected.

Setting Form Length

You can set the from length using either a software command or the FORM LENGTH dial on the printer. If you use the FORM LENGTH dial, make sure the printer is deselected (SEL lamp out), then set the dial for the desired form length according to the table below. The form length will be set when the printer is selected.

Dial Position Paper Size HxW 6 LPI 8 LPI
0   32 lines 42 lines
1   49 lines 66 lines
2   38 lines 51 lines
3   59 lines 78 lines
4   49 lines 66 lines
5   75 lines 99 lines
6 8.5" x 11" 40 lines 53 lines
7 11" x 8.5" 55 lines 73 lines

Manual Operation for Printing Single Pages

  1. Set both printer and cut sheet feeder in the deselect state (both SEL lamps off).
  2. Press the INSERT button to move the printhead to the center of the platen.
  3. Insert a sheet of paper along the upper sheet support.
  4. Set the paper at the left edge at a right angle to the feed direction.
  5. Turn the platen knob to advance the paper to the front of the platen and set the paper to the desired location.
  6. Press the INSERT button to move the printhead to the home position.
  7. Press the printer SEL button to set it in the select state (SEL lamp on). The printer is now ready to receive and print data.

Okidata Microline 84 Settings

  1. ON/OFF switch - Switches AC power on and off.
  2. POWER lamp - Lights when power is on.
  3. FORM LENGTH SELECTION dial - Used for selecting page length.
  4. SEL LAMP - When the lamp is lit, it indicates that the printer is ready to receive data from the computer. When the lamp is not lie, the printer cannot receive data. When paper runs out, this lamp foes out and data cannot be received. The lamp goes on automatically when the printer is turned on.
  5. SELECT SWITCH - Pushing this switch will alternately turn the SELECT lamp on or off.
  6. TOF SET SWITCH - The TOF switch allows you to set the position where the first line of data will be printed on the page. This switch is not active when the select lamp is lit.
  7. FORM FEED SWITCH - When the switch is pushed, paper is fed to the next top of form position. This switch is not active when the select lamp is lit.
  8. LINE FEED SWITCH - Each time this switch is pushed, paper is fed one line upward. This switch is not active when the select lamp is lit. It is also used to start the local print test by holding it down when powering up the printer and then releasing the pushbutton.
  9. PAPER LAMP - Lights when new paper should be inserted.

Function Switch Settings

To gain access to the function switches, pull off the platen knob and access cover and unscrew the two hold-down screws inside the front of the upper cover using a phillips screwdriver with at least a 4" shaft. Then lift up the front of the upper cover and release it from the hooks in the back of the base. The function switches are located on the control circuit board in the back of the printer.

The function switches have two different sets of labels, one on the switch bank itself and one silkscreened on the circuit board. Be sure you are setting the correct switches. Whenever switches are changed, the printer must be turned OFF then ON to read the new settings.


Bank Board Position Setting  
1 7/8 ON 7 bit CODE
    OFF 8 bit CODE
2 CR ON As carriage return (CR) code is received, printer prints,
automatically returns carriage, and moves paper up one line (LF).
    OFF As CR is received, printer prints, and automatically
returns carriage.
3 DE ON As delete (DEL) code is received, printer prints a delete
    OFF Printer ignores DEL code.
4   ON Printer ignores DC1 and DC3 codes.
    OFF DC1 and DC3 codes control print suppress modes.
5 1   See table below  
6 2      
7 4      
8 8      
5/1 6/2 7/4 8/8 Language  
OFF ON OFF ON Radio Shack TRS-80

Okidata Microline 84 Interfaces


Availability: Standard
Connection: Centronics
Activation: Automatic


Availability: Optional Card
Connection: RS-232C DB-25

Serial board function switches


Switch Description Position Setting  
1 Parity Setting ON Odd
    OFF Even
2 With/Without Parity ON Without
    OFF With
3 Data Bit ON 8 bits
    OFF 7 bits
4 Protocol Selection ON Ready/Busy
5 Diagnostic Selection ON Circuit Test
    OFF Monitor Mode
6 Mode ON Print
    OFF Diagnostic
7-8 Busy Line   see table below  
9-11 Baud Rate   see table below  
12 Undefined      
13 Buffer ON 32 bytes
    OFF 256 bytes
14 Undefined      
15 Interface Selection ON Current Loop
    OFF RS232-C
16 Current Loop Configuration ON 2-wire
    OFF 3 or 4 wire
SW7 SW8 Setting  
ON ON DTR (-12V)
SW9 SW10 SW11 Setting  
ON ON ON 19200
OFF ON ON 9600
ON OFF ON 4800
ON ON OFF 1200