Instructor Application

With MyDistrict Virtual School at NEFEC, all teaching positions are part-time and do not include benefits; however, making the transition to virtual education expands an educator's skill set and connects one with students from all over Florida. An MDVS instructor must be highly qualified in a specific subject area to teach online. Additionally, an online instructor position requires additional training in online facilitation and program specific technology. All of the training will be delivered remotely and will not require any travel. Finally, instructors are encouraged to attend regular professional development in online teaching strategies.

As a virtual instructor in the MyDistrict program, the instructor is the teacher of record. Each class is delivered completely online and lessons are delivered in real time for students who need a little "extra" help as well as for those topics that may be a bit more difficult to understand. Expect to spend 10-15 hours per week managing a classroom, contacting students, grading assessments, and providing meaningful feedback.

MyDistrict Virtual School monitors its courseloads carefully in order to ensure that online instructors are not given more students than can effectively be served.

If you are interested in applying for a part-time online instructor position, please use the button below:

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