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2024 Education Budget Resources

HB 5001 – General Appropriations Act

HB 5003 – Implementing Bill to the Budget

HB 5101 – Conforming Bill to the Budget - Education

Conference Report FEFP Runs

Conference Report FEFP Runs by District

Final 2024 Enrolled Bills

Download the Word document version:

HB 3 – Social Media Protections for Minors

SB 46 – Reading Achievement Initiative

HB 49 – Youth Workforce Rules

HB 73 – Supported Decision Making

HB 151 – Florida Retirement System

HB 187 - Antisemitism

HB 357 - Special Observances

HB 523 – Florida Seal of Fine Arts Program

HB 537 – Student Achievement

HB 865 – Youth Athletic Activities

HB 883 – Use of Short Action Bronchodilators During School

HB 917 – Career and Technical Education

HB 931 – School Chaplains

SB 958 – Local Government Employees

SB 994 – Student Transportation Safety

SB 1264 – History of Communism

HB 1285 - Education

HB 1291 – Educator Preparation Programs

HB 1317 – Patriotic Organizations

HB 1329 - Veterans

HB 1361 – Education

HB 1403 – School Choice

HB 1473 – School Safety

HB 1509 – Public Records / School Guardians

SB 1688 – Career Themed Courses

SB 1746 – Public Employees

SB 7002 – Deregulation of Public Schools

SB 7004 – Deregulation of Public Schools

SB 7032 – Education

About / Contact

NEFEC Legislative Network Services is a cooperative legislative and educational program whereby the 15 member districts of the Consortium are able to influence the legislative process more effectively than on an individual district basis. Through this program the Consortium serves as a liaison with the State Department of Education, the districts, and the Florida Legislature.

Benefits include:

  • Forming linkages with state and local agencies, entities, and organizations which impact education related policies, programs and practices in Florida
  • Attending and monitoring all meetings of the State Board of Education, Cabinet, Legislature, and various commissions concerned with education
  • Keeping member districts informed on actions taken by these entities
  • Coordinating the development of the Consortium's annual legislative program/priorities
  • Providing quick response to legislators on questions/concerns about proposed legislation and any other relative educational issue
  • Providing assistance in interpreting new or amended legislation

Please contact us here:

Bob Cerra
Cerra Consulting Group, Inc.

850-212-6233 (cell)
850-222-4428 (office)

bobcerra at comcast dot net

John Cerra
Cerra Consulting Group, Inc.

786-525-6233 (cell)
850-222-4428 (office)

cerraj at comcast dot net




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