LaserJet 5P/ 5MP

Language: PCL Level 5, Optional Adobe Postscript (standard on 5MP)

Speed: 6 ppm

Memory: 2MB Standard, (3MB on 5MP) Exp. to 50MB on 5P, 35MB on 5MP

Graphics: 600dpi

Autorotate: Yes

Duplex: Not Available

RET: Yes


Hewlett-Packard LaserJet 5P Messages

Message Meaning Recommended Action
Ready Light On Ready No action.
Ready Light Blinking Printer is printing. No action.
Ready and Paper light On There is data in the printer. Press the button to finish printing. (Form Feed)
Paper Light Blinking Manual Feed Make sure there is a single sheet in the input bin and briefly press the button to continue.
Error Light On Printer is Out of paper Add more paper and press the button.
  Printer's EP door is open Close the door and press the button.
  Toner cartridge is missing or not installed properly. Check the toner cartridge.
  Paper Jam. Remove the jammed paper and press the button.
    If the error light remains after checking these problems and there is no paper jammed, disconnect the power for 10 seconds then reconnect. If the error light continues, contact your dealer or HP service representative.
Error Light Blinking The page is too complex. Briefly press and release the front panel button to continue printing. There may be data loss.
All lights off The printer is in sleep mode or the power is disconnected. No Action.
All lights on Hardware Error Remove any memory cards and disconnect the power for 15 minutes. If the problem continues, contact your dealer or HP service representative.
All lights blinking Incompatible memory card Remove the incompatible memory card.

Hewlett-Packard LaserJet 5P Interfaces

The interface connections are located on the back right side of the printer.

Bi-Tronics Parallel

Availability: Standard

Connection: Centronics Female

IrDA-compliant wireless infrared port

Availability: Standard

Apple Macintosh LocalTalk

Availability: Standard
LocalTalk port # (requires optional Adobe PostScript SIMM from HP to be functional with the HP LaserJet 5P printer)