DeskJet (Original) 2276A DeskWriter
DeskJet Plus 2277A DeskWriter C
DeskJet 500 DeskWriter 550C
DeskJet 500C DeskWriter 660C
DeskJet 540 DeskJet 340
DeskJet 550C DeskJet 520/560C 
DeskJet 600/ 600C DeskJet 610C/ 610CL/ 612C
DeskJet 660C  DeskJet 670C/ 670TV/ 672C
DeskJet 680C/ 682C DeskJet 690C/ 692C/ 693C/ 694C
DeskJet 695C/ 695Cci/ 697C DeskJet 820CSE / 820CXI
DeskJet 850C/ 855C/ 855CSE/ 855CXI DeskJet 870C/ 870Cxi/ 870Cse
DeskJet 890C/ 890Cse/ 890Cxi/ 890CM DeskJet 895Cse/ 895Cxi
DeskJet 1000Cxi/Cse DeskJet 1200C 
DeskJet 1600C / 1600CM  
LaserJet Original LaserJet III
LaserJet Plus LaserJet IIID
LaserJet 500 + LaserJet IIIP
LaserJet Series II LaserJet IIISi
LaserJet IIP/ LaserJet IIP Plus LaserJet 4/ 4M
LaserJet IID LaserJet 4L/ 4ML
LaserJet 4si/ 4si MX LaserJet 4P/ 4MP
LaserJet 4V/ 4MV LaserJet 4000/ 4000TN
LaserJet 5/ 5N / 5M LaserJet 5P/ 5MP
LaserJet 5L/ 5L-FS/ 5L Extra LaserJet 5Si/ 5Si MX
LaserJet 6P / 6MP LaserJet 6L
LaserJet 1100 LaserJet 8000/ 8000DN
Color LaserJet Color LaserJet 5/5M
CopyJet/CopyJet M OfficeJet
DesignJet 350C/ 330 DesignJet 600
DesignJet 650C DesignJet 750C
DesignJet 755CM  
PaintJet XL 300 PhotoSmart

# The LaserJet IIP Plus is essentially a IIP with a faster processor and without a serial port. It is functionally identical to the LaserJet IIP.

(800) 752-0900 Central technical support number (will direct caller to appropriate number for his or her zip code)

(208) 344-8909 Form for receiving updated printer drivers

(800) 835-HPHP Locate the Nearest Authorized Dealer or Service Center

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