About Us

The Consortium is a regional, non-profit, educational service agency established to provide cooperative services to small and rural member districts. It exercises no control over its clients, is non-regulatory, and has no taxing authority. Participation in programs and services through the Consortium is completely voluntary. Therefore, the Consortium is designed to be sensitive and responsive to the needs and desires of the school districts being served.

The mission of the North East Florida Educational Consortium is to help small and rural member districts cooperatively meet their educational goals and objectives by providing programs and services that individual districts would not be able to provide as effectively or as economically when acting alone.

The superintendents of member districts serve as the Board of Directors for the Consortium. They meet as a group each month with the Consortium staff for briefings and information. The Board sets policy, approves the budget, employs personnel, and provides direction by guiding the development of programs and services furnished by the Consortium. Their leadership and support are our greatest assets.