Lucía Valdivia-Sánchez

Director, Florida Migrant Interstate Program

Lucia Valdivia has twenty-four years of experience designing, developing, and implementing academic programs with emphasis on serving Migrant Students, English Language Learners, and migrant and seasonal Farmworker youth access to basic and higher education. Ms. Valdivia-Sánchez has received national and international awards for her leadership promoting academic excellence, empowering parents, and delivering educational resources and services in Putnam County and northeast Florida.
Florida has the 4th largest Migrant Population in the nation, we are considered a “home state” or “sending state to many Migrant families in the U.S.
Under the direction of the Florida Department of Education’s Migrant Education Program (FMEP), The Florida Migrant Interstate Program (FMIP) provides Intra/Interstate Coordination of Services activities to school districts throughout Florida, nationally & beyond in compliance with legislative mandates dating back to The Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 on behalf of migrant students.
FMIP Provides timely technical assistance throughout Florida, the nation and bi-nationally regarding migrant student records transfers, transcript discrepancies and unresolved records transfer cases.
Collaborates with Consular Offices and The Bi-national Migrant Education Office regarding records transfer and teacher exchange programs.
Primary contact for credit accrual issues and concerns to ensure timely transfer of academic and health records for individual migrant students; Includes MSIX Student Records Concerns.
Via FMIP, Florida maintains a data base log related to Interstate activity to ensure quality services are being provided to individual students on an as need basis, yet timely manner.



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