Staff Directory

Organizational Chart

Adams, PatriciaCoordinator, ESE Special Projects
Allison, TroyInformation Technology Associate II
Arnold, AnnaDirector, Instructional Special Projects
Asbury, ElizabethAdministrative Assistant, Special Projects
Ballew, ElisabethHuman Resources Development Specialist, FDLRS
Barican, LannaApplication Support Analyst
Beasley, WendySupport Specialist, FDLRS Admin
Beck, SuzanneProgram Development & Training Specialist, PDCP
Bourn, RondaDirector of Research and Accountability
Bradley, VictoriaAdministrative Assistant, Instructional Services
Brannigan, SarahHuman Resource Development Specialist
Brown, JuliaAssociate Full-Stack Developer
Brown, TaylorApplication Support Associate
Buffington, LorraineChild Find Specialist, FDLRS
Clyatt, RhondaDirector of Curriculum and Instruction
Couey, TammySenior Administrative Assistant - Instructional
Davis, GinaHR Development/Tech Specialist
Deputy, ElisePrinter
Diaz, HannahHuman Resources Development Specialist
Dickey, ReginaProject Coordinator, Title IX, Part A, Florida McKinney-Vento
Driggers, CaitlineLearning Support Specialist
Feagin-Smith, PaigeAdministrative Assistant FDLRS Admin
Fields, JenniferAdministrative Assistant, FDLRS
Fletcher, JimmySystems Support Analyst
George, KellySenior Administrative Assistant, ETS
Griffis, JeffDatabase Administrator
Guilfoyle, KellieCoordinator, ESE Special Projects
Harley, KacieSupport Specialist, ISRD
Harrington, KristinCoordinator, Virtual Instruction
Harrison, LindsayReading Program Specialist
Hartley, RobertDirector, Risk Management Services
Hodge, LindseyApplication Support Associate
Hodges, AliceCustodian
Jones, NicoleApplication Support Analyst II
Kanellis, AlexandraProject Manager, FDLRS
Kirkland, RaymondSenior Full-Stack Developer
Kochan Bozik, AnneSupport Specialist • ISRD
Lajoie, NancyAdministrative Assistant, FDLRS NEFEC
Langston, IleneApplication Support Analyst
Lee, ChastityProgram Administrator, ISRD
Lewis, AlexisProject and Event Coordinator
Manning, JessicaInformation Technology Analyst II
Massey, JakeProgram Development & Training Specialist, Data Systems, Development & Design
McCraney, NathanSystems Support Analyst II
Miller, KaitlynProject and Event Coordinator
Mollerup, ChristopherSenior Systems Support Analyst
Murph, GinnySupport Specialist, eLearning
Oliver, CortneyApplication Support Analyst
Palmer, MaryCoordinator
Parish, JustinApplication Manager
Parrish, RondaManager, Instructional Leadership Programs
Paterson, LarryBuilding Code Administrator
Payne, SallieProject Administrator, FDLRS Admin
Peacock, MarshaChild Find Specialist, FDLRS
Placona, BelindaExecutive Administrative Assistant
Placona, JenniferApplications Support Associate
Preslar, MichaelSenior Application Support Analyst
Radloff, KristinParent and Family Services, FDLRS NEFEC
Reynolds, KariChild Find Specialist, FDLRS
Richburg, KristiCoordinator, MyDistrict Virtual School
Riley, KiaraApplications Support Associate
Roy, HeatherHuman Resource Development/ Tech Specialist, FDLRS
Sadler, ChristiManager, eLearning Programs
Sadler, KearstinAdministrative Assistant
Saunders, SusanCoordinator, Virtual Instruction, FDLRS Admin
Sayler, AdamSenior Application Support Analyst
Seth, KimCoordinator, Virtual Instruction, FDLRS Admin
Shaffer, LucasMaintenance Worker
Shaw, DakotaPrinter
Simonds, StephanieAdministrator, Risk Management Services
Smith, ReneeCoordinator, Virtual Instruction, FDLRS
Starling, ShayAssociate Executive Director
Stevens, TimProgram Development & Training Specialist
Sturdivant, MelindaAdministrative Assistant
Swafford, LorriChild Find/Parent Services Specialist, FDLRS
Symonds, HeatherSupport Specialist, eLearning
Valdivia-Sánchez, LucíaDirector, Florida Migrant Interstate Program
Viera, JamieProgram Development and Training Specialist
Wells, SharonServices and Support Specialist
Wilkerson, TraceyOperations Manager
Wnek, PatrickExecutive Director
Wright, ReneeProgram Development & Training Specialist